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HIGH SCHOOL MEN, if you are 18 years of age or older you must register with SELECTIVE SERVICE. Even though our country presently has no draft, Selective Service registration is the law! A man who fails to register may face a fine and/or a prison term and will be disqualified from receiving federal student loans or grants, such as Pell Grants, National Direct Student Loans, and College Work Study. So please register! You can do it right here by clicking on this link.

Section iconClass Websites & Facebook Pages

Section iconQuick Links

  • The MLA Style Center
    Always up-to-date information you can trust!
  • MLA Citations Wizard
    This tool will walk you through the steps of creating MLA citations
  • EasyBib MLA Citation Maker
    As with any citation maker, this is not a substitute for knowing the MLA rules!
  • Q & A New Jersey
    (this service has been temporarily suspended due to lack of funding, but hopefully will be back soon with 24/7 librarian access)
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
    Timely, relevant, and trustworthy information from the world standard in reference
  • refdesk.com Fact Checker for the Internet
    A one-stop site for reference, encyclopedia, facts on file,search engines, news, weather, sports, and more
  • Website evaluation
    From the UC Berkeley ~ one of the most linked-to tutorials on Web searching in the world
  • Taking the Mystery out of Copyright
    An easy to understand tutorial for students from the U.S. Copyright office
  • Purdue OWL Strategies for Fair Use (temporarily unavailable)
    Easy to apply Fair Use guidelines from the OWL at Purdue University, one of the most trusted sources on the Web
  • Google Language Tools
    Translate text from any language into your language
  • Bing Translator
  • United States Government
    Do everything from applying for a passport online tocontacting your elected officials ~An all-in-one stop for everything Government!

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Section iconDigital Libraries and Museums

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Section iconDatabases*

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Section iconLocal Library Catalogs

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Section iconBible and Christian Reference

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Section iconOnline Journals

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Section iconEBSCO Tutorials

  • All tutorials can now be accessed through the HowTo page

Section iconDictionaries

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Section iconCollege and Career

  • College Board (TKCS school code: 310828)
    Sign up for SATs, get your scores, find scholarships, get admissions requirements for all colleges, take practice tests, and more
    Test of English as a Foreign Language
    Apply for Federal financial aid online
  • NJ Stars
    Students who graduate in the top 20 percent of their high school class may be eligible to receive a full scholarship to their local community college followed by a substantial scholarship to a NJ state university!
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Websites UPDATED!
    Comprehensive list of sources for loans, grants, and scholarships from TKCS Guidance
  • College Affordability & Transparency Center
    Find the lowest and highest cost colleges ~ from USA.gov
  • Peterson’s Guides
    The Real Guide to Colleges and Universities
  • Technology School Guide
    Lists technology schools by state
  • Studying Abroad
    Information from UNESCO about how to select a college when studying in foreign countries
  • Prepare a Personal Portfolio
    A guide to compiling the information you will need to complete college and scholarship applications
  • INeedAPencil.com
    Free and innovative SAT prep that works!
  • What Can I Do With a Major In…
    Site created by USCW tells you what kind of jobs you might be eligible for with any given college major–great site!
  • Careers.org
    A great source for employment, job search and career education information across the world
  • CareerOneStop
    Explore careers, work experience & education options
  • The Career Key
    Free website to help you decide your future career, job search and choosing a college
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Hundreds of different kinds of jobs
  • Resumes
    Help from JobStar Central with writing resumes and cover letters

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Section iconSelective Service

  • Selective Service
    All men age 18 years of age and older must register – It’s the law!

Section iconCareers in the Military

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Section iconLegal Sources of Online Content

Section iconNews Outlets

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*All of these databases have great educational merit but may contain ideas that are not in agreement with a biblical worldview. Please remember that you must evaluate all material critically from a Christian perspective.

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